Year of the Rabbit



These two super cute, cuddly and furry bunnies were an impulse buy during the Lunar New Year. What began as a simple purchase has become a surprise passion for me. I have become so devoted to my pets and obsessed with anything to do with rabbits, I reckon it’s no longer healthy. 🙂

Cute, cuddly, furry baby buns

A few months ago, I saw this iPhone case online. I realised I was obsessed with rabbits when I insisted on ordering online for the authentic ones, when China-made (cheap) ones are available in my place (despite the huge difference in price).

This next item was something I had been eyeing for a few months. I just couldn’t get myself to buy it because I was resisting this rabbit-obsession. Well, what do you know, the other day the husband came home bearing this gift for me. So much for fighting an obsession.

A gift from the H.



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