If I could say only one word about George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, that would be it. For five years, my husband has been urging me to read the books. I was too busy with my own book lineup, I couldn’t start on this series. I used to wonder why he was so hooked and emotional about it — now I know.

It has been a while since I felt a mixture of gladness, anger, love, hatred, hope, frustration, and most of the time depression. All at the same time. For a book! To top all of these, I am shedding tears for a fantasy saga! Unbelievable. Like the husband I am now hooked. I’m on the last few pages now. I already know how it ends, yet I’m refusing to watch the HBO series until I’m done reading. King Robert has died, Ned is in the dungeons at Red Keep and war has begun. I am bracing myself for more heartaches. Bring out the Kleenex!


Sofia approves



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2 responses to “Depressing

  1. Bookish Hobbit

    I thought the first book was the best that I’ve read so far. (I’m currently in the middle of book 4 which is painful to read because it’s so boring.) I think the problem in the series is that Martin wants to do the unexpected and kill off all the characters we like because we’re used to the safety net that the heroes always find a way to survive, but then that leaves us with wimps and the people we just don’t like. Really I’m only reading for Tyrion and Daenerys now, but I know they don’t show up until book 5. There was no need to split the story over two books.

    • Yes, I did get fair warning not to get too attached to the characters. In the end, all I could say was Eddard was a fool. I’m starting book 2 now. Still one book away before I get to the boring part. Good luck to me when I get to book 4 then. Thanks! 🙂

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