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Year of the Rabbit



These two super cute, cuddly and furry bunnies were an impulse buy during the Lunar New Year. What began as a simple purchase has become a surprise passion for me. I have become so devoted to my pets and obsessed with anything to do with rabbits, I reckon it’s no longer healthy. 🙂

Cute, cuddly, furry baby buns

A few months ago, I saw this iPhone case online. I realised I was obsessed with rabbits when I insisted on ordering online for the authentic ones, when China-made (cheap) ones are available in my place (despite the huge difference in price).

This next item was something I had been eyeing for a few months. I just couldn’t get myself to buy it because I was resisting this rabbit-obsession. Well, what do you know, the other day the husband came home bearing this gift for me. So much for fighting an obsession.

A gift from the H.


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If I could say only one word about George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, that would be it. For five years, my husband has been urging me to read the books. I was too busy with my own book lineup, I couldn’t start on this series. I used to wonder why he was so hooked and emotional about it — now I know.

It has been a while since I felt a mixture of gladness, anger, love, hatred, hope, frustration, and most of the time depression. All at the same time. For a book! To top all of these, I am shedding tears for a fantasy saga! Unbelievable. Like the husband I am now hooked. I’m on the last few pages now. I already know how it ends, yet I’m refusing to watch the HBO series until I’m done reading. King Robert has died, Ned is in the dungeons at Red Keep and war has begun. I am bracing myself for more heartaches. Bring out the Kleenex!


Sofia approves


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Good bye, Steve Jobs

Yesterday, I woke up to so many posts on my Facebook news feed about the demise of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. It is so amazing how so many people seem to take this as a personal loss. I, myself, was saddened by the news. Then again, we knew it was coming, didn’t we? It is indeed sad, but we can’t expect him to live forever. And so with that, I am posting a photo of this candle, bowing my head and saying a prayer for Steve Jobs. He may be gone from this earth but he will live on in the hearts of every Apple gadget-owner.

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Here we go again

In the last six years, I have created about three blogs. Nothing lasted more than a year. I have deactivated all of them. My excuse: too busy to write. Now that my time is no longer dictated by the corporate world, I have decided to have another go at blogging. My reasons now: too many thoughts in my head that I want to share, too caught up in my own world to engage in real conversations with real people.

So, welcome to my blog. Thanks for dropping by. I hope you enjoy the ride with me. Cheers!

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